post game observations – game 2, preds v ducks

16 Apr

there were lots of things i noticed in the 3rd period, many of them unfit for print and the byproduct of my efforts to drink the team to victory. here are the better ones…

– it’s obvious that ray emery has very little rebound control or awareness. time to crash the net.
– p&t mentioned this during the game, but now that i’m paying attention, ray emery is slow getting up when he drops to cover a low shot. it may not help the preds tonight, but it might be a factor during the remainder of the series.
– i mentioned it earlier, but klein shooting into emery’s glove now proves to be huge.

i’ve been accused of being a pollyanna when it comes to, well, just about everything, but i’m going to choose to look at the positives from tonight’s game:

1. no sign of quitting. the preds didn’t panic, didn’t resort to “message sending” (a concept that still baffles me – “you really kicked our asses at what matters, and let this cheap shot be a lesson to ya!”), and still seemed to skate 4 lines through the 3rd period.
2. solid goal tending and defense. i know, how can i claim solid goal tending and defense after losing 5-3? well, the first 2 goals were on the 5on3 and 5on4 powerplay where the ducks shine. the 4th goal might as well have been a power play goal, and the 5th was an empty netter. pekka looked pretty good all things considered, and the defense wasn’t as bad as the score would make it seem.
3. ray emery is very beatable. he won tonight, but looked shaky in doing so. i’m wondering if the ducks go with ellis again in game 3, or let emery try to get his sea legs about him.

we now have a best of 5 series, with the preds having home ice advantage. time to show the ducks what smashville hockey is all about…


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