Season Prediction Recap (aka how bad did we suck)

12 Apr

It seems that very few hockey writers a) leave their predictions up after the All Star break and b) ever fess up to totally screwing the pooch on their predictions. Well, we’re crappy hockey writers, so we aren’t afraid to let you peek behind the curtain of mediocrity.

Newton’s Predictions:
Eastern Conference: (actual final standings in parentheses)
1. Washington (1)
2. Pittsburgh (4)
3. Montreal (6)
4. New Jersey (11)
5. Boston (3)
6. Philly (2)
7. Buffalo (7)
8. Tampa Bay (5)

9. Ottawa (13)
10. New York (8)
11. Atlanta (12)
12. Toronto (10)
13. Carolina (9)
14. Florida (15)
15. New York Islanders (14)

The Good:
Well, I got more right than wrong in the top 8, plus I picked Washington to finish first. I didn’t get the seedings quite right, but I’m comfortable with “respectable.”

The Bad:
You mean OTHER than picking the Devils to finish with home ice advantage, I thought Ottawa would be better, and didn’t see Carolina having a shot at the playoffs. I also missed the Rangers getting in, but hey, I also thought Boogaard would play more than 22 games. If he played his normal 50ish, I’d still stand by my prediction.

The Ugly:
I can’t imagine how the conversation between Cory Clouston and Bryan Murray went on Saturday morning. Was he really so bad that you couldn’t let him coach the last game of the season, Bryan? Damn.

Smartest Guy in the Room Quote: “I’m also probably the one person in the universe who thinks Carey Price might actually have a decent season.”

You Are So Dumb Quote: (re: New Jersey Devils) “They’ll push Pittsburgh, but they’ll give up points based on their lack of depth.”

Western Conference: (actual in parentheses)
1. Vancouver (1)
2. Detroit (3)
3. San Jose (2)
4. L.A. (7)
5. Nashville (5)
6. Chicago (8)
7. Colorado (14)
8. Phoenix (6)

9. St Louis (11)
10. Edmonton (15)
11. Calgary (10)
12. Anaheim (4)
13. Minnesota (12)
14. Dallas (9)
15. Columbus (13)

The Good:
Pretty much nailed the top 3 (no hard task), and (unfortunately) picked Nashville in the correct spot. I also only missed one team in the top 8. Given the race in the west, I’ll give myself a grade of “pretty good.”

The Bad:
The one team I thought would make the top 8 that didn’t, missed hard. Colorado, I’m looking at you. I also totally missed on Anaheim.

The Ugly:
You can’t get much uglier than basically flip flopping Colorado and Anaheim.

Smartest Guy In The Room Quote:
(re: Chicago) “Let’s call them the New Jersey of the western conference. They’re thinner than Patrick Kane’s playoff beard, and will lose points as a result. The addition of Turco will also cost them 6-8 points.”

You Are So Dumb Quote:
(re: Colorado) “Last year wasn’t a fluke. Colorado’s good, and they’ll get bonus points off of Calgary, Edmonton & Minnesota.” (The Avs didn’t get bonus points off shit.)
Bonus quote, based on absurdity: “Selanne should’ve retired.” Damn, was that ever stupid.

Kevin’s Predictions:

Eastern Conference: (final standings in parenthesis)

1. Washington (1)
2. Philadelphia (2)
3. Buffalo (7)
4. Pittsburgh (4)
5. Atlanta (12)
6. New Jersey (11)
7. Tampa Bay (5)
8. Boston (3)

9. Montreal (9)
10. Toronto (10)
11. Ottawa (13)
12. New York Rangers (8)
13. Carolina (9)
14. Florida (15)
15. New York Islanders (14)

The Good:
6 out of 8, including 5 correct seedings overall (3 in the top 8). Considering my luck with NCAA brackets (I had 4 in the sweet 16 and 1 in the elite 8 this year) I am more than happy.

The Bad:
The two I missed. Granted, not many predicted the debacle that was the New Jersey Devils season, I got a little ahead of myself thinking Atlanta would be one spot out of home-ice.

The Ugly:
Poor Ottawa. They seemed to have the pieces to possibly challenge. After having a minor fire sale the motivation wasn’t there anymore. They are set up well for the future though, grabbing a couple first rounders in trades.

Smartest Guy in the Room Quote:(re: Tampa Bay) “A scary group of forwards got scarier with the addition of Simon Gagne. First year GM Steve Yzerman will guide this team to the playoffs under the assumption he won’t be experiencing any #DanEllisProblems.”

You Are So Dumb Quote: (re: Atlanta Thrashers) “My surprise team this year. Led by 19 year old feared enforcer Evander Kane this team is quick, gritty ,and will take advantage of their weak division.”

Western Conference:
1. Vancouver (1)
2. Los Angeles (7)
3. Nashville (5)
4. Detroit (3)
5. San Jose (2)
6. Chicago (8)
7. Colorado (14)
8. Edmonton (15)

9. St. Louis (11)
10. Dallas (9)
11. Phoenix (6)
12. Calgary (10)
13. Minnesota (12)
14. Anaheim (4)
15. Columbus (13)

The Good:
6 out of 8 again, 12 out of 16 total. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

The Bad:
Once again, the two misses are glaring. I managed to put the two bottom dwellers of the conference in the playoffs.

The Ugly:
Colorado completely shit the bed the second half. I think the blockbuster sending Shattenkirk (giggle) and Stewart to STL was a bad move. That kind of move rattles the team and it did so negatively.

Smartest Guy in the Room Quote:(re: Chicago) “If I hear “Their core is still in tact” one more time i’m going to puke. They certainly still have their stars, but I don’t think Sharp, Toews, Kane, and Hossa can make up for the total loss of secondary scoring. I also think Turco is past his prime and I look forward to his weekly goal surrendering gaffes.”

You Are So Dumb Quote: (re: Anaheim Ducks) “It’s tough to replace ole’ Greybeard, especially with an 18 year old Cam Fowler. This is going to be a brutal year for the Anaheim Ducks.”


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