odd man crush – 11.12.10

11 Nov

I love this whole Movember moustache thing. It’s fun, it raises awareness and money for a great cause, and it single handedly keeps the world population from expanding too rapidly (are there any women that actually PREFER their gents with moustaches? my wife mocks me & my ‘stache in public!). I like it so much that i’m willing to post a picture of my meager lip rug in a desperate attempt to get our movember team (the handlebar’d bandits) above the $10 dollar mark in donations.

You can donate to our team by clicking here. Pretty please?

I’m not just mentioning moustaches because I don’t want the bandits to be the least donated to team in the history of the movember campaign. Actually, I am. I was going to discuss my affection for Pekka Rinne and his terrible moustache growing abilities, but I really need to get something off my chest:

Michal Handzus is awesome.
seriously? you want this hair.

I know it’s been something like three years since this flowing mane graced his head, but I’ll never forget it. It’s got flow that would make Jaromir Jagr jealous. Mel Gibson sees this hair and weeps. Combine that with him averaging over .5 ppg over his career, plus 30 points in 66 career playoff games, and we’re talking hockey falls hall of fame.

I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced that all the Los Angeles Kings need to be real Stanley Cup contenders is for Handzus to ditch the perm and let the flow go.

Just in case you missed it, here’s a $100 million player rocking the same puck skills that I display at stick and puck on a Saturday afternoon. hell, I’d bet that I’m even a better locker room guy.

(By comparison, Cal O’Reilly has 4 more points this year, at just over 5% of the cost.)


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