i like it, i love it…actually, it makes me wanna puke

20 Oct

one of my favorite hockey writers, greg wyshynski from puck daddy, posed the following question on twitter tonight:

i replied that the preds play a combo of tim mcgraw’s “i like it i love it” and gary glitter’s rock & roll part 2. i also added that i would love to hear the black keys’ song howlin’ for you after a goal, specifically the chorus. it has all the elements of a good goal song: a sing along melody, a driving beat, and a crowd-friendly chant that would aggravate the piss out of opposing fans (see: chelsea dagger).

the reasons why the current preds’ goal song irritates me are many. here are a few:

1. i pretty much loathe most modern country music (or the crappy southern rock they try to pass off as country music).
2. gary glitter’s a pederass, right?
3. the nashville predators have been using the same goal song now for…well, since forever.
4. the song represents most of what people think of when they stereotype nashville (and preds fans) – cowboy hats, rednecks, and (sorry kids) shitty country music.

honestly, it was pretty cool that we had a big ol’ country star singing his song in a preds’ sweater when we were a brand new team, but mr. faith hill seems to mostly be into making movies now, and there are lots of other, better, more relevant to a hockey crowd, non-country bands and artists out there that i think have great goal song potential.

but the bottom line for me is this: it’s time to change it up. the song’s 15 years old. the team’s been using it for the entirety of its existence. we’ve grown up. the team’s grown up. our city’s music scene and demographics have changed, so why hasn’t our goal song? it’s like the team’s still pandering to the “ain’t never seen no ice hockey” crowd and hoping they’ll come back because they like the music…or that they won’t come back if we (don’t faint) crank some jay-z out when the preds pop the twine.

a few bands/artists come to mind when i think of better goal song material:

1. jack white. yeah, ol’ jacky boy lives in nashville now, and makes some of the most bitchinest music these ears have ever heard. between the white stripes, the raconteurs and the dead weather, there have to be some good choices for post-goal serenading. store bought bones? my doorbell? seven nation army? icky thump? c’mon…

2. kings of leon. i don’t like their latest records, but soccer moms (and other people with bad taste) sure do! why not get the kings of mount juliet to lend one of their old ass-kickers like taper jean girl, red morning light, or four kicks to the team?

3. the clash. okay, so there’s no nashville connection, but i am morally obligated to mention the clash anytime i talk about good music. i know full well that i’ll have one of my own songs featured after the preds score before the clash, but i think that the chorus from hateful would make for a good goal song (minus the whole drug reference thing).

4. jay-z (or kanye west). if you can mix metal and hip hop with pleasant results, why can’t you mix hockey and hip hop? do it.

5. keith urban? okay, i know he makes “modern country music,” but he at least he can cover the stones like a badass, and is still making records.

6. do something crazy. throw some marty robbins over a hip hop beat. see if hank 3’s a hockey fan. ask the guys from nelson, winger & cinderella to create some sort of face melting goal song…just change it.

while i’m at it, this is music city, right? then why not use the preds games to showcase some better local bands? don’t just stop with the bands during intermission (actually, most nights, please stop). hire local bands to play originals *gasp* during intermission on a saturday night, and then give them a 5-6 song showcase on the plaza 30 minutes after the game ends. make it a party, make it awesome, make it an attraction.

so there’s my rant. what do you think? who do you want to hear? do you think i’m off my rocker? leave a comment.

oh, and click this link. you’ll thank me. (no, it’s not porn).


9 Responses to “i like it, i love it…actually, it makes me wanna puke”

  1. booo October 20, 2010 at 12:55 PM #

    b-b-but it’s tradition.

  2. andrea October 20, 2010 at 12:56 PM #

    Uh.. i think i see his balls.

    • newton dominey October 20, 2010 at 1:42 PM #

      it took me a few minutes to figure out what you were referring to…MOOSE BALLS!

  3. Paul Nicholson October 20, 2010 at 1:23 PM #

    Here’s a concept: not just a Nashville connection, but someone who’s actually a fan. We’re freakin’ music city. Get someone to write a new song just for us.

    Or…slightly easier… get Taylor Swift, Vince & Amy, Deirks Bently (you know: fans of the team) to rerecord a new and improved version of “I Like It I Love It”.

  4. DanDBradley October 20, 2010 at 6:58 PM #

    I agree with you, and like your choice. We need something newer and hip. The team is doing a nice makeover by getting younger, new uniforms, new logo, new ownership, a makeover goal song is a nice step as well. Hell, we already changed the victory song.

  5. The one and only Brian October 20, 2010 at 6:59 PM #

    The current goal song isn’t the greatest option, but, it is different than the rest of the league. Like it or not, Nashville is the home of country music and a quick stroll from the arena to 2nd Ave takes you past more country star wannabes than rockers.

    Deirks would be a good option for an updated goal song. STRS/Sixwire would be a good option for a more rock feel. Both have an established association with the team.

    G.G. Allin would be a new twist for when the opposition takes the ice. It would ruin the “family friendly” atmosphere … but it would match our feelings about most of the opposing teams.

    Listing the Ramones after Jack White and Kings of Leon is unforgivable. What’s next? Barney the Dinosaur ahead of Wagner? Don Ho before Stevie Ray Vaughn?


    • newton dominey October 20, 2010 at 11:44 PM #

      you mean the clash? the list was by no means in order of awesomeness. like any good fan of the clash, i know they’re the only band that matters…

  6. ChrisMTSU October 21, 2010 at 11:51 AM #

    I am a fan of underground metal and hardcore. Hockey seems to be the best place to play loud metal music unlike the NFL/NBA (rap/hip-hop) and the MLB (a bit of everything). First off, the Preds do play in a big concert arena that can be loud. Second, metal/hardcore is fast, has a bunch of sing-a-longs, and is most definately the best hype music. Hopefully the Predators will change to more of that style and shy away from the pop/country heard around town most of the time.


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